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Tú kanst bíleggja útvið sólarringin runt, men tað bílagda verður veitt, tá etika opið. Til ber at heinta matin á etika ella at biðja um heimkoyring í Tórshavn. Veitingartíðin til útvið er vanliga 30 min.. Tú kanst eisini sleppa undan bíðitíðini við at koma fram við á etika og keypa úr boksini.

table booking at etika Áarvegurin

Please enter the number of guests and select time in the table below. The table is yours for 2 hours from you arrive.

As soon as you have submitted your table reservation request you will receive a booking receipt by mail. In the mail you will see a guideline for making changes to you table booking, if needed.

In case of 7 guests or more, please contact etika by email at
or by calling etika, +298 319319.

We look forward to welcoming you at etika Áarvegurin.



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Select which dates you want to be on the waiting list for

Comments, f.x. about special requests or allergies

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